Keeping it real


It is indeed possible to write a song, a novel, an episode, a story-heavy game, basing it totally on a good thought. A nice idea with which you have a cold, analytical, detached relationship.

But I think, if it is THE story for you, something close to your heart, close to your personality, something in which you invest a part of yourself and are quite worried how you should ever pull this off a second time – THAT might turn out great.

As I said, in this early early phase of writing a game, I try to be aware of what I want it to be BEFORE I write it. I don’t want to see where my writing takes me, and then find out “it’s not a game I would like”.
I sometimes have a problem with adventures when I see the pencil outlines: I see it was designed as a crime story “people will buy”, with a guy, and a girl, and a gun, and a car chase. I sometimes feel it’s “only a game”. Only another story. A run-of-the-mill novel.

This is OK, this can and will happen, people get paid to write scripts and books, those need to sell, and people cannot write their best thing ALL THE TIME.

But I don’t get paid, and it’s OK if I only complete ONE game script I personally think is great. And I can work on it as long as I like. So I will see that it will not be just another thing.

One of the strategies I follow is to base it on something close to me, to put several aspects of me into the character that hurt, that are complex and hard to grasp. I will use this script to delve deep into my soul and put some weird, painful, human, “real” things into the game.

It’s not a game “about me”, not at all. But the character will have an interesting past and a current situation that is also relevant to me and to many other people.

Before I blurt out what exactly he is and does, let me write on this a bit further. I tend to jump to ideas very fast and stick to them. I have to probe it a bit and see if it’s still good in a month…

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