Baby steps


The work on my “meaningful adventure” has begun. In my little spare time I managed to find my genre (mystery adventure), and lay out the 6 columns that a game has to rest on to be “brilliant” to ME. I don’t “know it all”, I just know what I like. And if it is to me the best script ever, it can’t really suck too hard for others. So, before I write one word, I exactly define the meta qualities everything must have or it will be trashed.

An interesting gamble: While I want to finish it and want to see it released and want it to reach many people, I deliberately refuse to  check the angle whether today’s audience will buy it. I don’t give a fuck. I want to have “that is one great game script” and not “stupid, but what a seller”. So, how good it might sell is not relevant. Publishers, similar to humans, are wrong all the time anyway. We only know what didn’t sell last time. And cold-heartedly reassemble past successes to a new sure-to-succeed-formula will only create a cold, empty zombie landscape of games that try too hard but are built of sand.

Good sign 1: I got 3 messages by people possibly interested in working on it with their company. Yes, I have many friends in the game business but I really did not expect anyone to give a rat’s arse about what I start to sketch in my little dungeon. But I take it as a boost of morale, nothing more. Maybe I WILL finish it!

Good sign 2: Two of my six columns concern the character and his place in everything. So I am trying to discard down to a short list of possible characters just right for my story (even though that story is still just a spark). I have one candidate I like, which makes a lot of sense and has many layers already. Just an idea, nothing more. My first try. But this morning, I make myself a drink and I realize I MISS that guy. What the fuck? Last time I missed a character from a game was Black Mirror 3 and Fahrenheit. Just MAYBE I really found a character close to my soul, that’s more or less 1 of my columns. You cannot write a meaningful big story about somebody you cannot relate to, or rather, who is not a part of you. You must not think like him, you must FEEL him. Or else it will be shallow, just another game. And that is NOT an option.

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