#GAMEDESIGN. <- Whenever you see that, run.


[NOTE: I have redesigned the Game Design Category, you can now recognize it by it’s look, not the Hashtag Gamedesign – Me, January 2016]

It has begun. I have started to work on a game of a scale that can be finished by a team of 3. I don’t have that team, but I don’t have talent or experience, either. Who was ever stopped by that? See!

I am a composer in a world of game developers. It’s like working at the cash register in a brothel and never having sex. I am constantly creating, composing, designing… But I forgot to dream up stupid stuff… Maybe it’s that I miss the roleplaying days, where I created dozens of worlds…

Don’t know, fact is: I know where I am going. I know what kind of game I want to make. I have a few ideas.

I hav no team, but it’s no big deal. I can search one later. In case you wonder, these roles I will try to cover myself.

Sound Designer
Pimp (ing it to the publishers)

I have already written a dozen game stories and concepts for other people, not really for myself though. I have written stories and lyrics for albums, including long stories for concept albums. And composing/sound, well that’s my job. In those fields it will be KILLER. It’s me reputation on the line.

I “just” need

Artist and


3 people should do. It’s a story-heavy game, I try to be very very low on ressources. It MUST be a simple approach… But that is far in the future. What I have to have now is something to dream about while I work, something to look into the clouds about and say “I wonder…”.  I will try to have THE Script. Then I might feel driven to finish it.

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