The Dailyshow gets my Web Policy Award


Cause who else comes to your mind that…

– has around 950 hours of his show online

– estimated 1850 episodes

– that are all (still) available all the way back to 1999

– viewable by non-Americans (!)

– without advertising (!!)

As seen on . OK, you need to click each chunk of a show. OK, some things are dated because it’s very contemporary. But that means it’s also very much history! The mindset of the US TV landscape conserved for eternity. And Jon Stewart is a charming funny host. I admit, the older episodes are not as brilliant as the newer ones, which often are sarcastic entertainment art. Still very enjoyable!

This beats all of my podcasts in sheer hour power. Compare it to Conan o’Brian, who allowed non-US viewers to see a few episodes for 1 week! Now I can see snippets of 1 show or so. Or I need to seriously hack myself into seeing full episodes at snail speed. Look at Bill Maher, a few outtakes. This pains me more than it entertains me. Or even Howard Stern at SiriusXM: SirusXM want $12.95 a month to hear his show, and you cannot even choose a country other than USA when you try to order. You need a US credit card. To order their WEB ACCESS. Because the internet is in America, stupid.

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