Satachrist’s Castle


While my machine is rendering, I am cleaning up my webserver. As I never delete anything, I find a lot of shit from 2001 (when I got that webspace). At that time, I was a wannabe webdesigner, quite new into Flash. I was never awesome, that’s why I am no longer working in that area.

Among the weirdest things I have ever done is this website for my good friend Martin, a dark author. It is half browser adventure, half website. You can read some of his short stories in there. Some links don’t work, and it was only half finished. I hate that, we had a lot of additional material ready and not inserted. We had dialogues and 2 more characters…

Sorry if it’s too crappy for your time. The beginning font is hard to read, click the T symbol to remove it. Also, the crappy art is my doing, and I play the first character you’ll meet. Almost the only one in there I am afraid.

Among the better features I think is the dialogue system, with the possibility to enter text at one point, and the interaction with the books in the library. Also, I like the part of dressing up as characters, and photoshopping them into crappy art. I don’t know what you think, but when i see it, I would love to finish an adventure in that style (with better graphics of course). If anyone is into that, hit me…

Side note: There is a preloader, the crows that land on the sign posts. Back in 2001, it actually took a while for the game to load. Today, no problem. Ohh, damn, the possibilities, I would love to do such a game right away…

–> Try it here  [UPDATED: Changed the link]

Screenshot of Satachrist's Castle

Screenshot of Satachrist’s Castle


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