Seen: Legion ★★✮✰✰


Sorry I am in a rush. I had this movie lying here for over a week until I had time to watch it. I am in a the middle of a tight soundtrack job, but I had enough emails to write in the last days that I could watch the movie on the side.

Well. Apocalyptic and religious and dark and horror – seems like my movie. But it isn’t.

The religious thing is on the backseat, front row is reserved for Zombie-like fight scenes. After a very broad stroke epic beginning with lines that could rival the stupidity of Arnold in End Of Days, we are suddenly at a truck stop in the desert, where we will stay until 15 mins before the end. Until that point, if you would just rewatch Night of the Living Dead and add a few feathers to it, you basically have the same experience.

We hear about each character’s uninteresting background, and there is death, and blood. I thought we get interesting in the end when we finally change the location, but to stay spoiler free: No we don’t.

I don’t know, I need to feel the massive awe of the supernatural in such a movie. You have to put some layers in it, the feel of epic things going on in the background. But every line that could help deliver such a feeling is copied from a cowboy movie. If you have a plain simple two liner, don’t make a 10 seconds break in the middle. I could have written the 2nd line on a blackboard and shown it to the actor just in time for him to completely unimpress me with its foreseeability. “You wanted to live like them”. Half an hour later: “Now you’ll die like them.” I want to take the actor and hit the screenwriter on the head with him.

Nothing else is handed to me to impress me with the massiveness of the occasion, angels coming to earth and shit. We could cut about 5 minutes of the movie, and we would have a perfectly standard bible-free zombie movie. The only biblical feeling in this movie is the psalm quote in the beginning and half a fight scene with Gabriel. Hmph.

Ah yeah and cut out the crap with babies and children in danger. I think it’s as off-limits as rape. Not amusing at all I think, but that’s just my opinion. I am getting soft.

Music composed by John Frizzell, solid horror job, with all the epic horror oomph you might desire.

12 people working on sound design. Also, good work.

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