Major breakthrough as a writer: So I have finished something after all


Major breakthrough as a writer: I just found in my basement one of my old “books” I started writing as a child, and on looking inside I found: I actually finished it!

It’s roughly from 1989, a Choose Your Own Adventure type of book. (I discovered them around 1987 or 1988, my beginnings of roleplaying so to speak, and we read them a lot back then, and I started a few myself). It has 98 passages. It is called “Eye”, and it is apparently part one of the “Eye” series. On the front, we have a beautiful naive art piece, showing a bloodshot eye, and the big letters EYE, colored yellow, red and blue, of course. It is a half-sized issue, for the traveller’s convenience.

Two bites are missing from the front cover, due to its simple paper cover (bad choice by the publisher). And it’s positively yellowed. Look, I made something which yellowed!

There are several colored drawings inside, mainly showing monsters and allies (yes, you could add a number of characters to your party, for example Willy the Snake! He has a Strength of 5 and a red collar.)

The last 2 pages contain advertising for the next installment of the EYE-series: Dragon Mouth! And a beautifully drawn map of the colorful fantasy world I have shat out there.

Content wise, well it’s hard to decypher the young author’s pencil smearage, but I will post the first paragraph. You will find, we have a true gem here and Eragon has nothing on me.

After we have chosen one of 3 characters (Mauro the Ninja, Argon the Goblin or Shembly the Elf, all three with colored drawings), we start like this:

1) City of Kurana
Your party is at the town square of Kurana. The market is busy. You discover a food shop, a weapon shop and a guidance building. North, there is the city gate.
Food Shop -> 10
Weapon Shop -> 11
Slave Market -> 13
Guidance Building ->2
Leave -> 12

Sorry that I have to leave you hanging like this when it’s so exciting, but I gotta go. Me, writer for decades! *strut strut*

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