Hunting for a laptop


Dear customers, luxury has not suddenly rained upon me, I am just buying my first laptop ever, because an old machine we need for office work has broken down half a year ago. So you do not need to lower my already feeble prices. 😉

And I thought I found the one I wanted, and after 10 days of waiting I get the mail “no longer available, we will refund your money”. Suckers!

So, after years of research, I bought this one from Amazon: Acer Aspire TimelineX 5820TG

Core i5 processor, ATI HD 5650 card, can play Bad Company 2 at high settings fluently. 750 GB hard disk, that’s OK! No apparent flaws that concern me. Happy!

It took me ages to find one without apparent drawbacks, so don’t ruin this moment for me and tell me it’s shit! 😉

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