Seen: “The Ninth Gate” ★★★✰✰


I am testing Maxdome now, while I wait for my new Lovefilm DVDs. Mighty suspicous, complex fine print, automatic contract extension and shite.

BUT I get to choose from 500 old movies for free, streaming, so let’s do that, so that I have something to do while my computer is loading something or so.

Still not sure if I can stand German synchronisation for good. I know, I know, part of my job, but still – the voice actors are all cool, but some of the accents hurt me, and they often sound like they do a vacuum cleaner TV ad, “HellO! It is ME! I am calling YOU on the phone, with my normal very natural sounding voice! And now, the News!” In German of course, duh.

And, streaming… I want DVD features. Subtitles? Menu? Sniff?

The Ninth Gate is old, but I haven’t seen it before so… I like the diabolical theme, but somehow I miss any depth to it. I don’t believe there is meaning beyond what happens on screen. I cannot sense any inner motivation, the protagonist seems likeable but not really personally involved to me.

Re the music, it’s composed by Wojciech Kilar (had to copy paste that hehe), composer of Coppola’s Dracula apparently. And I thought this score reminded me of Dracula at times, I don’t suck so much do I? The main theme and those dark themes around it I liked really much, especially as they were performed by one of my favorite orchestras, the City of Prague Philharmonic. But, if the main theme sounds like a mix between Dracula and Interview with a Vampire plus two buckets of goat blood, the theme for the hero sounds like a satanic clown. Funny short plucks and trumpet … Sounds very out of place to me. And not only to me, quoth Google.

Sound: Ok this is 1999, and I count only 6 sound guys. That’s definite bottom of my short list of movie bloggage. Wow. Quality-wise, I was parts happy parts not so. Some parts are clearly disconnected, and very often, foley is too loud. The protagonist’s bag sometimes sounds like a bell of doom as he walks away from the camera. My opinion. And who am I to judge?

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