Seen: 300 ★★✮✰✰


OK, another step in my fantasy-related movie streak.

I don’t know. A primitive, masculine piece. Simple plot, a lot of fighting, a few interesting aesthetic choices.. A few very good scenes. A lot of short one liners of mixed impact.

Now to the music, HOLY SHIT I stepped into something. Tyler Bates is the composer. I try not to look that up beforehand, and then I try to recognize the composer. And I did! After 4 minutes, I hear a almost perfect copy of Titus by Elliot Goldenthal. I was confused, is this a … traditional I didn’t know about? So after some research I found out that we have here one of the most blatant cases of plagiarisms of the soundtrack scene! I mean, he copied most of the melody of the first 50 bars or so, and the complete rhythm section of Titus!

Apparently, Bates went shopping at a few other soundtracks, too, without permission! This went so far, that the production company issued this awesome statement:

“… a number of the music cues for the score of 300 were, without our knowledge or participation, derived from music composed by Academy Award winning composer Elliot Goldenthal for the motion picture Titus. Warner Bros. Pictures has great respect for Elliot, our longtime collaborator, and is pleased to have amicably resolved this matter”

And they added this cool Asterix behind the composer’s name on poster and DVD credits: *Derived in Part from Preexisting Compositions Not Authored by Tyler Bates.

This really spoiled a large part of the movie for me. Still, it has a very notable different mode, tone and look. But I wouldn’t watch it again, wouldn’t know why. 2 1/2 Stars, because a few key scenes towards the 2nd half were really nice I thought. A 2 stars movie wouldn’t have any redeeming qualities I guess. I took away at least half a star for that music controversy.

Sound: I count 16 guys working on sound. There are a lot of events without sound, and the individual battle sounds are actually quite similar… Hmm.

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