Movie Addiction for Dummies


I admit that in my busy life as an interactive music rockstar slash prodigious rolemodel for our youth
*cough haaawk scratch*

…I missed most of the good movies in the last 3 years or so. Going to the cinema… not practical most days. Witch son and all. Watching DVDs, yes, a lot, but mostly series, which are more easily split into small chunks.

But enough! I will now pimp my movie knowhow. How? Easy!

I joined, an Amazon service. Took a movie flatrate. Amazon has 35000 DVDs available. Compiled a wishlist.

And watch movies while I work. It’s not much different to podcasts. I focus on the sound track anyway, check out their sound design, discover new good music, get inspired.

I will from now on mass consume recent movies and the odd classic, while going through my inbox, doing promotion, searching for new jobs and so on.

I even introduce a new Movie category to my blog.

First stop: DARK KNIGHT. Now playing.

DSL is back


And I am too. Podcasting will happen on the weekend, inbox cleanage… And I want to definitely blog more. I am not consistently one for long clever posts, though. Sometimes it hits me. I have 5 drafts for clever entries, unfinished. But, if you are Ok with tiny posts of medium value, there you are.

Started an Excel sheet for my small newsbits, to keep track on what I have blurted out already.

Watched Getlamp. Very good work Jason! Will transform my coin into a keychain maybe today.

Still haven finished Black Mirror 2. but Dr. Who season 4.

Am selling a few Worship items again, thanks guys for the support still after like 12 years.

And I have a soundtrack job to spare in my Xing group:

Random thoughts, over! 🙂