Seen: Tron ★★★★★


For the thousandth time. But, as I need to write a LOT today, binch writing, I warm up with a quick blog post.

Recently, while constructing some cupboards – I have been living here for almost 4 months, I might as well add some furniture – I watched Tron on TV. I love to revisit movies from my childhood, because I know so many shots and dialogues, and it really moves me. I relive the awed feeling I had as a child. I really recommend it. Do yourself a favour, and go rent a movie you saw a lot when you were 12 or so, and haven’t really watched since.

I think Tron is still the most important vision of how it might feel to be a computer program, and a must-see for nerds. I think the plot, and the style, are top. Like Star Wars, I think it still looks awesome today, timeless really because it is so special.

Sound design inside the computer world is iconic. Excellent choices.

Wendy Carlos with her very edgy, kind of random score, is somewhat annoying at times to me. I like some of the themes very much, the sad one, and the decending line of 4 tones. But at other times it sounds like a drunken rat chase on a midi keyboard. Wild, annoying notes that seem so random… The best of is compiled in the adaption by “Video Games Live”, check that out.

But hey, I love this movie. Now, while I return to my hectic writing, I will watch 2 more films thanks to my flatrate and will try to post a quick drive-by review.

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