Seen: Pirates of the Carribean ★★★★✰


Still have a lot of pages to write today, have to deliver a script today. But, while my next sideshow DVD loads, a quick review of Pirates of the Carribean.

Yes, Owwwld, I know. But last time I watched only parts of it. To busy downing rum, apparently. And as I currently check out swordplay movies to inspire myself for our game “Dungeons”, I thought I’d put it on the list.

And I didn’t regret it! Well deserved success. Story is sound, action is present, nice ships, and dirty pirates, all you need. Re Success: interesting fact, did you know that – in USA – the movie made the same amount of dollars altogether as the game Modern Warfare 2 did on just its first day?

Ahh, to see Steve from Coupling in a major role was a surprise, totally forgot about it. He is awesome, and the series is one of the best comedy serieseses around. Also: I am happy that LeChuck got a new role after Monkey Island, but I am afraid he is indeed a little typecast.

This is one of Hans Zimmer’s best works in my eyes. I listened to the score 100 times or so, it’s one of my 200 regular scores I bath in. Not only are all themes interesting and nice tunes, it is also much quoted and copied everywhere. It took what we knew and loved from the genre’s music and redefined it for the new century.

And for our friends of noise: I counted 19 people working on sound effects and foley. Awesome.

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