The quiet, the quiet


I could blame it on being ill at the moment, but that’s too easy. Yet, I have realised yesterday that my pace is too slow. I need to kick myself harder, to get back into my best shape. If you are your own boss, and you are 1/3 chaotic unreliable artist, 1/3 lazy bastard and 1/3 manic workaholic, your boss is basically an asshole.

And I hate that guy. He needs to go. I need to upgrade myself Cybermen-style into a more productive being, like, that guy that was here in July. Stricter plans, tighter schedules. We have 2 big projects, many small projects and a new Worship album, they all need my full energy and prilliance (or something).

I am being told that vavation is a good thing. I always instinctively thought that vacation costs a lot of money and is a waste of time. I like travelling, but with a cause, otherwise it’s expensive and not very productive. Leading nowhere but back home in a long, costly, round-about fashion. But really, is it an easy way out if I say that I might indeed need a vacation after 6 years without?

This could be just it. I am no longer able to work a full month at full speed. It’s on and off. Things are not entirely like I planned them to be at my new studio, but it’s never to late to wake up, fold, and shuffle the cards. ON IT big time. Now let’s print out some lame motivational posters.

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