Seen: National Treasure ★★★★✰


While I am trying to empty my inbox, sorry if you couldn’t reach me today, disk quota reached again, I was watching National Treasure.

See, that’s why I mean by “Adjusting your expectations”. Same score from me, 4 stars, as Dark Knight? Well, Dark Knight is supposed to be God’s taste for movies melted, shot into Unicorns, distilled from their pee into crystal rainbow sunflower meth. Chocolate Cake. Ice Cream. National Treasure on the other hand sounds on paper like a Dan Brown nonsense blend of legend, history, rubbish and bad writing.

But, hey, it’s funny, it’s exciting, there are a few cool elements of good camera work and good direction. Hot female lead (Diane Kruger). Almost logically sound in itself.

OF COURSE it is no masterpeace of cinema to change us forever. That’s not it’s job. It’s job is to be an adventure, exciting, to tell a classic adventure tale without me wading through a mile of cheese. Man, Woman, reflection sidekick seek to solve a century old secret. Well done!

What I am missing is some kind of mysterious opposition, but that lies in the subject matter. Also, Diane is hot but not extremely convincing (unless she tries to convince me to do her, 5 stars for that attempt). Nicolas Cage is playing himself as usual, as he has a range of 1 character and 1 facial expression. But who cares.

Music by Trevor Rabin is … hmm functional. Not my favorite, but interesting to see how many action cues you can stick behind each other… Sounds like hard work to me. I think it is well done, it does its job, but not outstanding to me. Melody-wise, really nothing special. But appropriate. Hell what am I saying, I would kill for a job like that. 😀

Sound Design was good, with only a few scenes where it was off (in my eyes). Sometimes there was a phaser effect which I really can’t stand. Otherwise, it’s of course a comparably easy job to make sound design for a movie that close to everyday reality. Would be hard to mess up. Number of sound guys: 20. Holy moses!

As my Inbox is working again, I will have lunch and then attack my 2nd flatrate rental DVD.

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