Seen: 1408 ★★★★✰


And while I wrote an interview and blogposted a little, I watched the 2nd of my flaterate movie.

A horror movie close to 5 stars. Protagonist is a writer, on the hunt for haunted places, and checks into this haunted hotel room in which apparently 50 people have died.

And from then on, a rollercoaster ride starts, horror idea after idea happen in quick succession, all kinds of creepy things happen to him, for all senses, many of them weird and total new. And his personal issues get involved too.

Imagine a horror movie team taking their tool box of their 100 most scary things they came up with and emptying it over your head. Definitely worth a 2nd go.

Why no 5 stars? I don’t know, I am not good with this rating thing. I “Liked” National Treasure more, and my brain was much more pleasantly shagged by 1408. 1408 touched my sense for good work, art, good horror techniques. But I don’t care for the character, and I am not “touched” by it. There is no place for a story as such. Nothing is explained. For the creativity: Certainly 5 stars. For my personal “I love this movie” scale, a good 4 stars.

Maybe I don’t want to be messed with concerning dying children. Please, I am a father, I don’t find that entertaining. Ok let’s say that’s it, – 1/2 star for dying daughter. I think that is cheap and off limits.

Music: Gabriel Yared is awesome in this one. I am happy that he apparently stepped out of the typecasting that has happened after his unforseen success with The English Patient. This one’s QUITE a different, haunting, creepy score. Nothing I would hum under the shower, of course, but everything is dead on. The soundscapes are hot. Inspiring.

Ok so why has this movie 8 sound guys and Natural Treasure has 20? That is insane. The amount of work cannot be compared, an intense horror movie like this one has sounds everywhere, massive destruction, raging elements, things out of this world, distorted voices and whatever. *shrug* All top notch. Also inspiring.

Ok the 2 movies go back tomorrow. I wonder what’s next.

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