Nightliner Illusion Travels present: ExpensivoTrain™


Guys, I just HAVE to recommend this awesome and brilliant travel service. I am so excited!

So, you are a wannabe rockstar, suffering from withdrawal symptoms from your last nightliner tour? You also miss the massive cost a buy-on support slot entails?

Then, Nightliner Illusion Travels is happy to bring you just the service you need: ExpensivoTrain™!

Tropical islands are for losers! All your friends will envy you as you spend your days in Europe’s nearest, most unexceptional cities like Berlin, Dresden and Cologne, and travel at night in our hotel train luxury suite! Just like in the old nightliner tour days before your stupid rockband fell on its face, and you ended up crying yourself to sleep every night, broke, unknown, unloved, like all the other 3.6 million bands on Myspace who failed miserably to achieve anything, just like your Mom always predicted!

Sorry. Got a bit carried away there.

Your very own luxury square meter for only 250 Euro a night!

But what’s even better, it will cost a fortune, too! Just like the real thing! 1 week of incomparable fun in Exotic Dresden and Glamorous Düsseldorf for only 1800 Euro per person (no kidding). You can’t believe what you hear? One week on a train in and around Germany, for only the same price as, say, 2 weeks Mauritius? Wow! Amaaaaazing. And that’s the introductory price, a 2490 Euro value! Order now, unless you are laughing too hard that is.

You know what’s best? There will be a lot of space, you can use as many beds as you wish, as nobody in their right mind would book that stupid thing! Isn’t it great?

Like our website says: The vision is alive. But for how long? We are certain we will fail soon, so WHAT are you waiting for??? Book now, before it’s too late!

ExpensivoTrain™ – Travel Like a Rockstar, Without Rock or Star. Or Anything, Really.

P.S. Fun aside, awesome idea, maybe a LITTLE bit too expensive. Like, 500% too expensive. Otherwise, interesting, brave new idea. I wonder when they will close down. And in case you are wondering, I am not linking to them, obvious reasons, but it’s a real service I found today.

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