Seen: Dark Knight ★★★★✰


My first flatrate DVD, gotten and watched.

Wow, one of the most successful films ever. Possibly filling a vacuum, because many recent Batman movies were like toys, shiny, bite-sized. It doesn’t feel “special”, but as it goes on, I realised, it’s longer, more mature, more developed than the usual action movie. It’s more like “action movies should all be like this”. Realigning the standard? I hope.

We do not only rush through our set pieces (which we do), there are also a few deep, tricky situations here. It’s not so streamlined, the movie takes its time, takes us through layers, evolves the plot,slowly. But not nearly as mind-shagging as Inception, though (same director).

Biggest flaw for me was Batman’s voice in the English original, man that is weak. Like a growling teddy bear, oh come on! Why does any character take Batman serious when he speaks in that troll voice? Adam West would kick his butt.

Joker: Not bad.

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