Movie Addiction for Dummies


I admit that in my busy life as an interactive music rockstar slash prodigious rolemodel for our youth
*cough haaawk scratch*

…I missed most of the good movies in the last 3 years or so. Going to the cinema… not practical most days. Witch son and all. Watching DVDs, yes, a lot, but mostly series, which are more easily split into small chunks.

But enough! I will now pimp my movie knowhow. How? Easy!

I joined, an Amazon service. Took a movie flatrate. Amazon has 35000 DVDs available. Compiled a wishlist.

And watch movies while I work. It’s not much different to podcasts. I focus on the sound track anyway, check out their sound design, discover new good music, get inspired.

I will from now on mass consume recent movies and the odd classic, while going through my inbox, doing promotion, searching for new jobs and so on.

I even introduce a new Movie category to my blog.

First stop: DARK KNIGHT. Now playing.

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