Origins: Undaddy and other Nicknames


Undaddy is one of the nicknames I use from time to time. I go by many names 😉 And here they are.

When I was tiny, you needed to have a 3-digit-nickname for all the acarde style games. I used to be KID, because I was a young fella among older geeks for many a year. I went to BBS gatherings when I was 12 and so on. Later, I changed that to PAN. I have a company called PAN Promotion even. It was just a spontaneous inspiration by (oh dear) the movie Hook. The phrase “Now you are the Pan” made me wonder, what does it even mean? I was 14 ok, please cut me some slack. But I am a fan of greek gods, too, so that’s my reason among grownups.

I was also called Sake. I used this when I played online in the 80ies. My brother suggested “fake” as a name and I misheard him. 🙂 I also called myself Kilroy because I liked the sound, but only for a short time, I think I took it from the Buck Rogers (1990) game.

And I called myself Nomad (stolen from the book Tiger! Tiger!). Oh, identity seeking youth.

Even Daniel Pharos is something of a nickname, it’s a cooled-up spelling of my orginal last name going back to the roots of the name. I took that up with my first bands, and as I had quite a bunch of press mentioning (more than 300 now) under that name, there is no turning back.

Now to Undaddy, which happened later. When I was lead tester of the German version of Warlords Battlecry, a brilliant game I think, I spent 3 months or so on that game, almost every day. I had to create heroes again and again for each of the 9 races. So I started to become very creative with names like Darkelfy, Orcy and … Undaddy for the undead race. I don’t know, I liked the word and it’s not too often seen on the Internet, and I always loved the clean idea of the Undead. I am a roleplayer at heart.

In 2002 I  joined the team of the Hochwaldallianz, a German Neverwinter Nights Multiserver project which is still up,  and my forum & DM name was Undaddy, complete with a Lich photo. I posted 4500+ posts there over several years,  that cemented that nickname a little for me. It was an important project for me, my first released game music, and I built the orginial 60 maps which went up and the first town, I was lead coder for a while (what a daunting task which taught me a lot about coding). I also hosted up to 2 servers of that thing. It was a wild time.

That made me wear the Undaddy nickname with pride. It’s cool, it’s gamey, it’s me. Hence the blog name.

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