Why in English?


I am German, I live in Munich. So why in English?

It’s the world language. It’s always a pain in the ass to decide before every post anywhere, do I do it in English or German? I do 50/50 on Twitter. Yes, most of my friends and clients are German, but hardly all. And I get to meet a lot of people from… anywhere on the Internet. I don’t want this question here. It’s English, done.

I think, my crowd can understand my sometimes lousy English. And the native speakers can hopefully excuse said lousy English.

I love the language. I learned it translating games like Law of the West (1985) to my friends in elementary school (I clearly remember me explaining  ‘they’re gonna rob the bank’ = ‘somebody called Gonna will rob the bank’). When I was 10, and English was finally taught at school, I was so far ahead, I had to do almost nothing for several years.

Every book I read is English. I start to forget my German. 🙂 I watch English DVDs all the time, and try to get my games in English too. And I love writing in English.

So, this is my answer. Next.

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