Who are you, and why are you blogging?


Hello visitor,

allow me to talk a bit about myself. That’s sort of the main function of this blog anyway. Don’t complain, you clicked on this post, not me.

I’m called Daniel Pharos, most things I do revolve around music.

I started as a consumer. My elder brother was a DJ back in the day, with piles of CDs and LPs. With 15 I slowly discovered the active side of music. I had a few metal and rock bands over the years, and I am still with two of them, Beyond The Void and Worship.

I have been playing games since I was 6 years old. Atari, C64, Amiga 500, NES, Megadrive, SNES…. Later I discovered I could combine music and games. First try was Gothic I, where I was sort of possible composer for a while but it didn’t really work out. I didn’t know what a hit it would become later, and I was still taking first steps in that direction. 2004 I wrote (among other things) the music for the multi-server RPG Hochwaldallianz.  Today, I have released about 2 dozen CDs, tapes, LPs and EPs, and have provided music, sound effects or voice recordings for about 30 games and short movies.

I also started a podcast about games, mostly in German.

Why do I blog?

Yes, I missed all that blog crazyness. Today, the world is standing knee-deep in blogs. Why start another one?

I have this compulsion to have a go at whatever I consume. I started to consume podcasts a year ago, so I had to start one myself. I play games, I always have to try to make them myself.

Same with blogging. Also, I have no space actually to post my stupid thoughts. I have Twitter for the very-shorts, and possibly news posts on my various websites. No, not really the place for a lengthy rant.

I have Bla² Podcast, but that’s the audio thing of Lex and me, so not the perfect place for my own weird thoughts, and it is in German. This keeps my international friends away.

I did a blog post recently which wasn’t too bad, In Bed With Piracy. I enjoyed that. I will post it here, so I can remove it from my company website.

So, I hope to write something now and then that’s maybe fun, maybe enlightening, maybe weird, maybe in bad English, about music, about games, possibly personal. Maybe I will drop some links,  who knows.

Thanks for reading this,


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