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“Secret Hitler”

Total Biscuit and 7 other Youtubers/Podcasters playing the card game “Secret Hitler” (by a designer of Cards Against Humanity) in Tabletop Simulator is a unique spectacle. It’s hard to follow if you (like me) know only a few of the persons involved (it’s 8 people talking). And they play it 4 times and learn the […]

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How Did You First Get Into Game Music?

. . StudioAlethea: “@DanielPharos How did you first get into game music? It seems like an interesting avenue for my music, but I’m not sure how to start!” Thanks for your question. I get that every now and then. Why not answer it here… Me personally… Both things are essential parts of me. Through my […]

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New work routine strategy

Just a tiny post. I have 2 interesting jobs I need to work on daily for a while, so I try a new method / strategy here, too feel more productive, to have a regular daily routine closer to humans. I got pretty weird lately, working later and later (mainly because of the heat). Will […]

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